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Donguk CHOI
Prof. / Dr.
Hankyong Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation, Hankyong National University
327 Chungang-ro, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea (17579)
e-mail: choidu@hknu.ac.kr / choidonguk123@gmail.com
homepage: www.choidu.com

Professional career

- NRF Research Professor, Hankyong Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation, 2022. 3. ~
- Convener, ISO/TC 71/SC 3/WG 10, 2022. 11. ~
- President of Asian Concrete Federation (ACF), 2021. 1. ~ 2022. 12.
- Professor of Hankyong National University, 1996. 9. ~ 2022. 2.
- Convener, ISO/TC 71/SC 8/WG 4, 2014. 1. ~ 2019. 1.
- Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asian Concrete Federation, 2015. 1. ~ 2018. 12.


- Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, U.S., 1996
- M.S. Eng., The University of Texas at Austin, U.S., 1992
- M.Arch. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S., 1984
- B.S. Eng., Seoul National University, Korea, 1979

Research interest

Structural engineering and materials engineering in the area of mechanical anchorages including headed reinforcement, use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials in concrete, recycled aggregate and recycled aggregate concrete, phase change materials (PCM), light-weight concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, ultra high-performance concrete, fabric reinforced cementitious matrix (FRCM), and sustainability.

Academic society

- Member, Korea Concrete Institute, TC 104 (Development and Splices), TC 112 (FRP Structures), TC 403 (Repair and Strengthening), TC 502 (Sustainability)
- Member, ACI, TC 103 (Sustainability), TC 408 (Bond and development), TC 440 (FRP)
- Member, fib, Commission 7 (Sustainability)
- Member, Rilem, RAC TC (Recycled aggregate concrete)
- Member, Asian Concrete Federation
- Member, ISO TC71 (Concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete)

Administrative work at HKNU

- Director, Hankyong Industry Corps, 2004. 4. ~ 2005. 3.
- Dean, College of Engineering, 2011. 4. ~ 2013. 3.

Awards and honors

- Commendation, Minister of SMBA, Korea (2004. 12.)
- Best Technical Committee Award, KCI, (2010. 11.)
- Commendation, Minister of Land and Maritime Affairs (2012. 10.)
- Best Paper Award, KOREC (2012. 11.)
- Academic Excellence Award, KCI (2014. 10.)
- Best Paper Award, KCI (2014. 10.)
- Commendation, Korea Industry Corp. (2017. 12.)
- Achievement Award, KCI (2020. 11.)
- Commendation, Prime Minister of Korea (2022. 2.)

International Technical Journal Papers and
International Conference Proceedings

Donguk Choi, Kyungchan Hong, Munkhtuvshin Ochirbud, Didar Meiramov, "Mechanical properties of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) and ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) with recycled sand," International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials, in press.

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Donguk Choi, Sorrasak Vachirapanyakun, Munckhtuvshin Ochirbud, Undram Naidangjav, Sangsu Ha, Youngho Kim "Tensile performance, lap-splice length and behavior of concretes confined by prefabricated C-FRCM system," IJCSM, 15(6), 2021, pp. 761-778.

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Gombosuren CHINZORIGT, Myung Kwan LIM, Myoungyoul YU, Hyuk LEE, Odontuya ENKBOLD, Donguk CHOI, "Strength, shrinkage and creep and durability aspects of concrete including CO 2 treated recycled fine aggregate," Cement and Concrete Research, 136:106062, 2020. 7.

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Invited Lectures

(International Conference, Symposium, Seminar and Workshop)

Donguk CHOI, "Sustainable Concrete Technologies in Korea," ICCIM-2019, Jakarta, Indonesia, July 2019.

Donguk CHOI, "Green Concrete specification and environmental declarations of concrete," ICCS16, Madrid, Spain, 2016. 6.

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International Standard

(Convener of ISO/TC71/SC8/WG4)

ISO 13315-8 Environmental labels and declarations of concrete and concrete structures, International Organization for Standardization, 2019. 1.


Concrete and Environment, 2nd ed., Kimoondang, 2016. (in Korean)

Domestic Papers (in Korean)

List of papers written in Korean is available upon request

Patent in Korea

List of patents (7) is available upon request (include 3 patents on production and CO 2 treatment of recycled aggregates).